Electronic Muscle Stimulation  (ems)

Slimming & Toning. BODY SCULPTING

EMS is a state of the art, easy to use Electronic Muscle Stimulator combined with a Heat Diathermy Unit essential for figure control, cellulite reduction and a firm shapely body. The computer controlled circuits have been programmed to give the very best results automatically. For optimum guaranteed results your EMS Slimming Systems machine should be used in conjunction with a sensible intake plan and moderate exercise.

EMS can help you tone up waist, thighs, abdomen, tummy, buttocks, bust, flabby hips. The machine will exercise and strengthen lazy, weak or aching muscles. If you are on a diet then the EMS slimming Systems machine is essential to firm up flabby areas and limit muscle loss due to low calorie intake

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Treatment Menu

CONSULT & TRIAL - $125.00

Enjoy a introduction to body sculpting. Includes a consult and one trial EMS session. This is the best way to see if body sculpting is for you.

The appropriate program will be designed especially for you: Pricing starts at $125.00 per session for a targeted area and includes heat diathermy wraps.  Packages of 10 & 15 are available at reduced pricing.

Fast Slim

Perfect for the individual who has little to lose. 
They are looking to tone, sculpt and improve muscle definition.  

Sculpt & Slim
This program not only tightens and tones muscles but also begins to burn body fat and targets stage 1 & 2 Cellulite.

Belly & Thigh Buster
This program not only tightens and tones but targets those truly problem areas. Over 45 minutes, the Heat Diathermy Wraps really get a chance to target the fat droplets and the EMS creates fabulous muscle toning and sculpting.

The 60 Minute Starting Point
Specifically designed for the individual who has stage 4- cellulite and/or has been away from any kind of fitness or healthy regime for so long that they feel overwhelmed when considering where to begin. We can help to get on the right path so that the journey doesn't seem so daunting.
Pain & muscle injury rejuvenation
Electrical muscle stimulation is most commonly used to create measurable and lasting inch loss/girth reduction for its users. Spas and salons have long enjoyed providing these results for excited clients; although, when combined with a greater understanding of human anatomy, practitioners can provide vastly more satisfying results. Before being marketed to the general population, the technology was used to retrain the muscles of astronauts returning from zero gravity in outer space and then for medical patients needing to regain muscle strength after serious illnesses and surgeries.
Cost to be determined at time of consult.

Lymphatic Detox
Cleansing? It’s important to drain your lymphatic system to avoid overload that may cause serious disease if you don't. We offer one of the most effective lymphatic draining techniques. 45 minutes, 4 x per year is adequate
$125.00 per session (45 min)

Tummy Tuck


  • All sessions include heat diathermy wrap.

  • 5 sessions will get you out of the gate, introduce the muscle memory and start the breaking down of adipose tissue.

  • 10 sessions will start working the muscle memory and start strengthening and toning the muscles.

  • A commitment of 2 to 3 times per week is suggested for great results.

Butt Lift


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) pads are strategically placed on your buttocks to lift and tone the muscles on and around your butt for a less sagging effect.

  • All sessions include heat diathermy wrap.

  • 5 sessions will get you out of the gate, introduce the muscle memory and start the breaking down of adipose tissue.

  • 10 sessions will start working the muscle memory and start strengthening and toning the muscles.

  • A commitment of 2 to 3 times per week will enhance your results.


Using a unique placement of the EMS pads you will get the tone and Lift of the Standard Butt Lift, but also a plumpness of your butt. When measuring you will notice a higher measurement.


How many inches can I lose?
The amount of inches lost is cumulative and can continue until desired results are reached. Your commitment to appointments, dietary choices, exercise and the use of nutritional supplements can greatly affect your success.
10 sessions could bring you down 2 dress sizes and 20 sessions could bring you down 3 to 4 dress sizes.

Do the EMS Machines use laser?
No. At the fraction of laser prices EMS and heat diathermy are very effective technologies which are safe and healthy to use. We do not recommend laser for body sculpting because it does not tone the muscle tissues. The EMS machine does BOTH toning and fat reduction giving you increased metabolism, energy and a toned core.

What is the Technology?
EMS technology was developed in the 1930's and is the oldest and safest technology developed for therapeutic effect, updated for aesthetic medical spa use.

Do the Treatments Last?
YES. If you do not exercise, the results will last approximately 6 months. If you exercise 2 - 3 times a week, this can last indefinitely. Dietary and alcohol consumption may require a monthly maintenance package.

EMS Pain Therapy


If you are in search of help in injury recovery and rehabilitation, looking for a healthy way to deal with day-to-day stress, or simply interested in maintaining good health, EMS is a safe and effective form of health care.

EMS has been shown to provide relief from the following disorders:

  • Relieves Pain (acute & chronic)

  • Increases the rate of wound healing

  • Stimulate the regeneration of injured Tissue

  • Reduce scar tissue

  • Release muscle trigger points

  • Relieve muscle pain & dysfunction

  • Increase rate of fracture repair

  • Increase protein synthesis

  • Stimulates Lymphatic flow

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

  • Repairs tendons, ligaments, joints

  • Myofascial Pain

  • Auto, Work, & Sports injuries including Hamstrings

  • Rotator Cuff injuries

  • Rapid Pain Management

  • Helps in the repair of Tendons & ligaments

  • Fractures

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Discogenic (Disc) pain & Joint pain

  • Wound Healing

  • Post-surgical pain and healing

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • TMJ Dysfunction

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Post Herpetic Neuralgia (which can be caused by Shingles)

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Lymphatic Congestion

  • Cystitis

  • Edema

  • Endometriosis

  • Constipation

  • Viral Infections

  • Nerve root irritation

  • Acupuncture Point Stimulation

  • Energy Meridian Balancing

When micro current therapy is used to help heal injured tissue, it restores the natural flow of current to the tissue. This allows the cells to regain their own natural energy flow. When injury occurs, the injured area has a higher electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue. This in turn decreases and often stops electrical flow through the injured area, which impedes the healing process and promotes inflammation. When micro current therapy is used, this resistance is reduced, which allows electricity to flow through and thus restores normal function. This stimulates our body’s natural healing.

EMS for Athletes


Many high performance and professional athletes make Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) a part of their regular training regime. Not only does it give them superior muscle strength, but when added post workout, the current: fully depletes the muscle of glycogen (stored energy) forcing their bodies to work harder at replenishing it, works lactic acid out of the muscles allowing their bodies to recover faster without pain and stiffness providing the ability to retrain sooner and more rigorously, and works like a mini massage giving them the ability to relax and rejuvenate more fully between training sessions.

*Although not a replacement for cardio exercise, many high performance and professional athletes make this a part of their regular training regime for superior muscle strength, post workout muscle depletion, post training recovery enhanced and mini massage to relax and rejuvenate more fully between training sessions. 

Faradism + Heat Diathermy


Known for its effectiveness as a muscle exerciser, faradism is used regularly for therapeutic/pain relief treatments; muscular re-education and reconditioning after illness, accidents or lack of use; athletic enhancement; and for the purposes of the beauty industry, slimming and body contouring. Muscle stimulation was initially developed for astronauts returning from outer space who needed to quickly recondition their unused muscles. It was then adopted by the medical profession to treat patients with atrophic or seriously diminished muscle function, and soon after athletes began to use faradic treatments as a way to fully deplete trained muscle groups: allowing them to retrain sooner and more intensely.
When used for aesthetic treatments, faradism uses a gentle electrical current that stimulates the muscle in an S-like motion forcing the muscle to contract and relax; resulting in lasting muscle tone, strength and reduction. Working with the principles of faradic current, EMS Systems requires specialized pads to be placed over specific muscle groups that generally correspond to the motor/ insertion points of the chosen muscle groups.


In the natural sciences, the term diathermy [di´ah-ther″me] means "electrically induced heat" the use of high-frequency electromagnetic currents as a form of physical or occupational therapy and in surgical procedures. The term diathermy is derived from the Greek words dia and therma, and literally means “heating through”.

It is commonly used for muscle relaxation. It is also a method of heating tissue electromagnetically or ultrasonically for therapeutic purposes in medicine. Diathermy is used in physical therapy and occupational therapy to deliver moderate heat directly to pathologic lesions in the deeper tissues of the body.

The application of moderate heat by diathermy increases blood flow and speeds up metabolism and the rate of ion diffusion across cellular membranes. The fibrous tissues in tendons, joint capsules, and scars are more easily stretched when subjected to heat, thus facilitating the relief of stiffness of joints and promoting relaxation of the muscles and decrease of muscle spasms.